Roadmap on AI Conversational Voice Bot

We provide fully trained, dedicated ai conversational voice bot that automatically resolves traveller's question.

Turn smart conversation apps into new lead generation channel 24/7 driven by engaging in two-way conversation while agents are busy with another customer. Analyze why customers are calling, measure the effectiveness of your customer experience operation to meet business objectives.

Automation allows your customers to engage with effective phone conversation and switch to SMS based lead generation. A powerful tool, not to miss.

We will build your library full of 2 dozen or more Self-Service, customizable ready made built-in User Flows and Use Cases

Travel Use Case

  • Itinerary confirmation
  • Involuntary schedule change
  • Account look up
  • Policy Info
  • Changes, Cancellation, Refunds tickets
  • Travel status, delays, cancellation updates
  • Loyalty status
  • Frequent Travelers account balance
  • Book / reserve tickets
  • Request a call/ Call me back
  • Time to depart notifications
  • Cross –Sells addition (Insurance, Hotel, Car transfer, flight etc…)
  • Email my itinerary
  • Billing Questions
  • Expense this to…
  • In room, on premises concierge
  • Book supporting travel services with partners

Customer testimonial

“We are very pleased to be using a cutting edge automated customer service solution from AirLegit allowing interactions via Phone and SMS, with AI-powered Voice Bots providing conversations in 11 languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Hebrew and Arabic.

Airlegit helps us interact with our client more effectively and efficiently. Their service allows us to provide real-time information to the client.”

- Chief Operating Officer of an US based Travel Management Company.

" We found Airlegit's real-time monitoring solutions are very helpful to customers when a flight is delayed or canceled, offer intelligent solutions, and proactively connect to our call center. This is a win-win solution for us and our customers. It has added more revenue and high NPS"

- Chief Product Officer, An OTA in the USA.