Flight score based on airline and flight number to enhance your booking path and increase booking conversion.

We shall provide you score, flight connection score, missed connection data based on the last 3 months / 12 months / 3 years / seasonal data / unbiased data exclusions of COVID19 Flight Cancellations each flight number, each airline wise to compute flight score data including delays, cancellations, central tendency, frequency, outliers, standard deviations and more.

Flight History of AA 270

History of flight operations flight to Dallas, American Airlines AA 270 flight delays, cancellations. Updated in real-time.

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Sample page

Customer testimonial

“We are very pleased to be using a cutting edge automated customer service solution from AirLegit allowing interactions via Phone and SMS, with AI-powered Voice Bots providing conversations in 11 languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Hebrew and Arabic.

Airlegit helps us interact with our client more effectively and efficiently. Their service allows us to provide real-time information to the client.”

- Chief Operating Officer of an US based Travel Management Company.

" We found Airlegit's real-time monitoring solutions are very helpful to customers when a flight is delayed or canceled, offer intelligent solutions, and proactively connect to our call center. This is a win-win solution for us and our customers. It has added more revenue and high NPS"

- Chief Product Officer, An OTA in the USA.