AS 1251 flight to Seattle. Step-by-step Guide.

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AS 1251 Flight Score
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15 min
Data trend shows "Low Risk". Flight is expected on time.

History of flight operations flight to Seattle, Alaska Airlines AS 1251 Flight Delays, Cancellations. Updated in real-time.

Date: 14th Mar, 2021 Landed
From: San Francisco (IATA: SFO)
To: Seattle (IATA: SEA)
Flight: AS 1251
Departure: 14:59 (Scheduled: 14:40) 19 min late
Arrival: 16:35 (Scheduled: 16:49) landed 16:35
Duration: 1h:36m
Date: 30th Nov, 2020 Landed
From: San Diego (IATA: SAN)
To: Portland (IATA: PDX)
Flight: AS 1251
Departure: 21:18 (Scheduled: 21:18) on time
Arrival: 23:33 (Scheduled: 23:46) landed 23:33
Duration: 2h:16m

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