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Remove customer pain points with voice bot, travel watcher & flight score

AI Conversational Voice Bot

Our voice bots are custom developed trained in your domain, uses Neural Network AI to understand the caller's intent, engages with caller in contextual conversation, for general questions and answers, reservation, modification, cancelation, refunds, status update, and can handle sudden spike in 1000s of calls example IRROPS in flights operations.

Our voice bot deliver exceptional customer experiences over Telephone and follows up through SMS for review of conversations and submission, electronic authorization, and customer surveys

Deliver instant and personalized experience to callers in multiple languages and stop relying upon over-burdened call centers with human agents, chats or emails

Voice bot can help you reducing customer operations costs up to 80%.

We have recently implemented a large travel company, the Voice Bot with AI conversation, SMS, and WhatsApp in 11 major languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Hebrew and Dutch.

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Travel Watcher

Our smart analytics system begins monitoring flights 72 hours prior to departure and alerts the traveler.

Our robotic command center monitor flights, routes, origin, destination, nearby airports, code share flights or other airlines real time.

We alert customers with options, insights, and actionable recommendations through SMS, and emails when there is any event change. We provide telephone number with AI powered conversational Voice Bot to answer questions 24/7, automated solution to rebook or forward phone calls to your human agents as per your business rule.

We have built an intelligent, data driven platform that empowers Travel Management Companies, Travel Agencies, OTAs, to help their customers with fully automated solution, predictive customer support with Voice Bot, with possibilities of cross sell, additional revenue!

Post travel, collect positive customer reviews with the help of Voice Bot and SMS.

AirLegit's solution for Airline's IRROPS

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Flight Score

Flight score based on airline and flight number to enhance your booking path and increase booking conversion.

We shall provide you score, flight connection score, missed connection data based on the last 3 months / 12 months / 3 years / seasonal data / unbiased data exclusions of COVID19 Flight Cancellations each flight number, each airline wise to compute flight score data including delays, cancellations, central tendency, frequency, outliers, standard deviations and more.

We can help you build 200,000+ web pages with unique keywords. Each page is potential to generate 10-20 clicks per month with total 2-4 million clicks of organic traffic per month.

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30 day flight status

Flight Status with 30 Days History

Enter the airline name and flight number to know your flight status or change Airline code and flight number example:

We analyze Airlines, Airports, Flights, Weather and Socio-political data.


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Get the flight status voice bot with sms marketing

Airlegit is a AI, Data Science platform company for customer centric solution in stranded passenger protection or contact center automation with AI
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